POINTS: There are 6 places in the championships. Points are listed on top of each column on score sheets. Five ribbons for 2-6 place. Tell 1st place finisher they will receive medals at the end of the meet.




BOOKLETS: Leave on Field Table for coaches. Booklet contains all lane assignments.  If any athlete breaks an all-time record, this should be noted on the Medalist Sheet to be announced at the Award Ceremony.


300 RELAYS: 1 heat


800 RELAYS: 2 heats – winners are determined by best times after both heats are completed.  Runners will report winners to scorer’s table after both heats are completed for all 3 races.


RUNNERS SHEETS FOR RELAYS: Mile is recorded on the Relay Runner sheet. Boys Runner will report Co-Ed races. 


SPRINTS: 2 heats in preliminary races: 3 fastest runners from each heat/age division will line up to compete in the finals. 



MVP: There are extra MVP sheets in the packet for coaches who don’t have one.  Remind coaches before meet to have the MVP sheet turned in as soon as possible after all events are completed. 


FIELD EVENTS:  Remind volunteers to fill in the winners on the bottom of each field sheet before reporting to the scorer’s table.


TIES: There should be no ties.  For jumps, the tiebreaker is the next best jump for the 2 athletes in question.  For throws, it would be rare for two athletes to throw the exact same distance.  Make sure that volunteers are aware of this. For races, the finish line judge will determine the winner.


AWARD CEREMONY:  All three white score sheets are given to announcer. Winners are announced from first column  (1st place finishers).